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A Day in the Life of a London Photographer

Tuesday, 3 October, 2017 / Published in

James is a photographer and floor planner based in London, who has worked with Floorplanz for 15+ years and has a wealth of experience providing the highest quality products and customer service. We interviewed James on his role to get a deeper insight into his life, how he started out and what his daily role as an operator consists of.
Q. How did you get into photography? How long did it take to learn how to draw floor plans?
A. I discovered photography whilst on an art course and was hooked instantly. Having a drawing/painting background meant I picked up sketching floor plans relatively easily.
Q. How do you start your day?
A. First off, I check my emails and plan where I’m going that day, which involves looking at maps/street view of properties I’m due to visit and also potential parking, which can save a huge amount time. If it’s busy, my first job is at 9 am (sometimes 8 am), but if not 10/11 am starts are great!
Q. How do you plan your day?
A. It’s all about where the jobs are located. It’s best to set them up in a logical geographic order, to involve as little backtracking as possible. Sometimes this can’t be avoided, however!
Q. Describe a typical photo shoot for a central London agent?
A. Usually tidy and straightforward to photograph. The architecture and interior design vary so much depending on where you are in London, it’s great to have that variety in your day.
Q. What is the best part of the job and what are the challenges?
A. Some places are tricky to photograph due to how the interior has been designed – dark walls with sunlight pouring in the windows provide a challenge, but fortunately they are few and far between. The best part of the job for me is getting a great set of photos and happy clients.
Q. How do you get around?
A. Motorbike. London is one of the greatest cities in the world and riding round for me has never got boring. Less fun in the rain, but dry days far outnumber the wet ones.
Q. Describe the flexibility of being freelance (benefits and downsides) and how you get through the winter when the market is quiet?
A. I have loved being freelance, working for myself is both rewarding and enjoyable. You may not have paid holiday, but you feel in control of your day. You can work long days when it’s busy and enjoy quiet days at home working on other things when it’s quiet.
Q. What has it been like to work for Floorplanz over all these years?
A. For me it’s been great, London is a busy place and the work has always been there, which is very fortunate. It’s very enjoyable once you get to know the job and build up relationships with clients.
Q. Have you been able to build a successful business alongside Floorplanz work?
A. Yes, I’ve built up a fairly long list of photography clients over the years, including interior designers, architects and artists, as well as working on my private photography work.
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