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Instagram Top Tips

Thursday, 17 May, 2018 / Published in

Instagram now has 800 million active users around the world, making it a key marketing tool for businesses. With 32% of internet users using the website, now is the time to get your company involved. Here at Floorplanz, we began using Instagram in May 2017 and have had major success since. In just a year, we gained more than 1200 followers, separating us from our competitors in the market. In this time, we have learnt many of the “tricks of the trade” which may help your company to become more Instagram savvy.


Content is arguably the most crucial element to a successful Instagram. We suggest enhancing your photos in an editing software before uploading to the app. We use Adobe Lightroom to complete standard photo editing and then Photoshop if we need to complete any more complex editing, such as the removal of objects. Your followers will judge the content you produce so make sure that only the highest quality work is being showcased.

Ensuring there is a variety in your content is another great way to target the widest possible audience. While one follower may like a certain kind of image, another may prefer something completely different. At Floorplanz, we post different content every day, whether that’s an internal or external property image, a floor plan, brochure, CGI or land registry plan. This helps us target the broadest audience in our market.


Hashtags are integral for getting your post to reach the most relevant audience. You can include 30 hashtags per post which we recommend that you exploit. As you would do with your SEO, pick 30 industry-relevant keywords to help target your specific market. Research your competitors and see which hashtags they are using on their posts. This is also a great way to find relevant companies in your sector to follow and interact with.

Always consider using hashtags relevant to the time of year. For instance, if you are posting an image during the Christmas period, using #Christmas will be a highly followed hashtag, meaning your post will potentially be interacted with by more people.


Although focusing on the content you post is important, remember – Instagram is still a social media account and relies on interaction with other people so that your account can grow. Follow other businesses in your industry and support them with a like, follow or comment. This will make them aware of you, and their followers may also see and interact back with you. This is the key to building links between businesses, benefitting your company in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we would recommend having a professional feed that shows the nature of your business concisely to your potential customers. When used correctly, Instagram is a fantastic tool, with far higher interaction compared to other social media platforms. Be savvy, and you can use this interaction to your business’ advantage.

To take a closer look into how we utilise our Instagram, you can find our account here.

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