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Last revised: 22nd July 2021. To download a PDF version of this information, please click here.

Fourwalls Covid-19 Company Policy and Risk Management Procedure

The health and wellbeing of our staff and clients is our primary concern and given the severity of this virus, ease of spreading infection and to protect our staff, clients, the public and our NHS it is imperative you follow these guidelines.

Failure to do so will lead to delays and additional costs being incurred.

Fourwalls are continuing to follow the Governments Health and Safety Guidelines. All bookings are subject to the following conditions;

• When making appointments our Diary Coordinators will be asking if anyone in the household has COVID-19 symptoms, has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, is shielding or self-isolating to follow travel quarantine procedures. If they have, we will not be able to proceed with the booking.

• Upon arrival at the property we will ask the same questions and if we think anyone at the property is showing Covid-19 symptoms we will leave immediately.

• If we need to collect keys, we would ask that both parties wear masks during handover and observe 2m social distancing where possible.

• Upon arrival at the property we would ask that all occupants observe 2m social distancing. If this is not possible we will ask the occupants to wear masks, unless exempt.

• The property should be well ventilated with fresh air prior to our visit but we will need windows shut when photos are taken.

• If other contractors or viewing appointments are scheduled at the same time as our visit, we would ask that all parties observe 2m social distancing. If this is not possible, we will ask all parties to wear masks, unless exempt.

• If children will be present during the appointment, we would ask that they avoid being in the same room at the same time as our operator.

In order to reduce the chance of spreading the virus our aim is to touch as little as possible at each property. Therefore, please note the following:

• The property should be ready for photography. Our operator may use their discretion to move some items, which will be returned to their original location, but please let us know if you would rather we did not. 

• It may be necessary for our operator to turn on lights or open external doors for the photography, however we will leave the property as we found it.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

• Our employee will use hand sanitiser or will request to wash their hands upon arrival at the property, they will do the same before / after leaving.

• Our employee will be wearing or offer to wear a mask, please let our employee know your preference.

Upon arrival at the property our employee will carry out a risk assessment. If they feel these guidelines have not been followed, they will not continue with the appointment and the commissioning agent will be charged the full cost of the job.

Thank you for your co-operation during this difficult period. We obviously want to mitigate any potential risk to our staff, you and your clients, so your assistance and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Our support teams are available if you have any questions or require any further help or support. Please contact us at [email protected]

This policy will be reviewed weekly, as Government guidelines are updated and as we receive feedback from fieldworkers.

Owen Turgoose


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